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  1. The martial arts begin and end with respect.
  2. Bow upon entering and leaving the dojo, indicating your respect for the training hall.
  3. Follow the instructions given by the instructor and your seniors.
  4. Smoking is prohibited in the dojo.
  5. Make the best use of training time given in class. Limit unnecessary talking.
  6. Practice in a business-like manner.
  7. Always keep your body and your gi clean.
  8. You are responsible for proper conduct inside and outside of the dojo.
  9. Person to person relationships in the dojo must be reinforced by courtesy and respect.

  1. The purpose of studying Uechi-Ryu is to develop the karate devotee into a healthy, well-coordinated person, both physically and mentally and to train him so that he may master the weaponless art of self-defense.
  2. The karate-ka must always be on his best behavior taking a modest attitude toward others, setting great value on courtesy among people, being careful of his speech and actions, and being diligent in his study.
  3. The karate-ka must not become a nuisance to others by using harsh language and committing violence towards others.
  4. The karate-ka must not bring disgrace, even in the slightest degree, to his own school, Uechi-Ryu and himself by making shameful and rude comments or actions.
  5. The karate-ka must not be self-absorbed and shouldn't run to the easy and idle way of life. He must make a constant effort to continue the hard work enabling him to fill his mind with the vigor of life.



One must first be able to control oneself before attempting to control others. Without a good balance and control of oneself, you can neither avoid an attack nor apply an effective technique on others.


A person must always keep in mind of becoming one with the attack. Regardless of the type of attack, you must join with it. It is not how strong you are, but how correct you are, that counts. One shouldn't be watching others doing kata, but paying attention to your own kata. If you are watching someone else doing kata, you can't be one with your own techniques.


The best way to defend yourself against an attack, is to get out of the opponent's range of effectiveness. You can back up, side step, or circle around inside of the attack. But you must maintain your range of effectiveness at all times.

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